Exchangebottle System

Comparison exchange bottle with customer own bottle

With the acquisition of an exchange bottle you have the right for lifetime usage without paying any rent! The exchange bottle is your property!

Advantages for the customer: 

  • no rent
  • immediate exchange (no waiting time for filling)
  • no costs for TÜV (every 10 years!)
  • onetime costs no follow-up costs
  • no expansive own bottle surcharges


Product Price (filled netto) onetime Follow up costs - only price for filling
CAR 18 B 20 Mixed gas € 272,00 / Bottle € 42 / Bottle



Or as an option you bring in of your own bottle to the exchange bottle system (TÜV must be valid!):

(onetime  system inclusion fee) - Convert own bottle to exchange bottle

Onetime netto
€ 62,00 / Bottle (€ 90 without TÜV)

 + first time filling € 42,00 resuts in € 104,00 / Bottle (€132 without TÜV)

All prices netto excluding VAT !


Available Gases:


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