In many cases the frequent maintenance and cleaning of your machines will occure expensive reparation and guarantees a secure work flow on your work center. Maintainance and cleaning of the machines is depending on the capaticity of your usage and is recommended each three months latest to half a year. If we will execute your maintenance we will proceed as follows:

  • Cleaning inside and outside
  • Visual inspection of electric conductors and components
  • Visual inspection of mechanic parts
  • Service of consumables
  • Function control
  • Electrical assay according to EN 60974
  • Place an inspection sticker

The operator is responsible for the correct functionality  of the used machines. A good condition of the used machines is latest after 12 months necessary even when the machine has been repaired. This must be done by a special electrician employment. After outdoor assembly work and after a repair the inspection has to be effected immediately.

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